From birth until well into their teenage years, children's feet are in a state of rapid development. During this time, they're susceptible to many of the same podiatric problems as adult feet, as well as a few issues that are unique to pediatric patients.

Making sure your child gets regular podiatry care can help set their feet on a path to lifelong health. Whether you're looking for a podiatrist to examine your child's feet to ensure they're developing properly, or provide gentle, effective, and highly-skilled treatment for an injury, deformity, or disorder, you've come to the right practice.

Comprehensive Pediatric Podiatry Care

Active children and young people often face an increased risk of podiatric injury, especially if they're runners or dancers, or play football, soccer, basketball, or other sports with high rates of foot and ankle injuries. At Omaha Foot and Ankle Specialists, our award-winning podiatrists, Dr. Michael Cullen and Dr. Nathan Penney, deliver the high-level care children's feet need to thrive. We skillfully diagnose and treat all manner of pediatric foot, ankle, and toenail concerns. Here are some examples of the type of conditions we address.

Accidents and Injuries

  • Strains and sprains. When kids roll or twist a foot or ankle or land awkwardly from a jump, they can injure muscles or tendons (strains) or the ligaments that connect bones (sprains). Professional assessment and treatment can help ensure proper healing and prevent these injuries from causing chronic issues.
  • Broken bones. Falls, car crashes, sports injuries, and other trauma can lead to fractured or broken bones in the feet or ankles. Our podiatrists can evaluate the injury and determine the best course of action to prevent complications.
  • Heel pain. A swelling and irritation of the growth plate of the heel bone, Sever's disease is a common cause of heel pain in kids. We offer options that provide relief.

Infections and Related Issues

  • Athlete's foot. The same type of fungus responsible for ringworm is what causes this red, itchy, scaly rash. When athlete's foot fails to respond to over-the-counter treatments, our podiatrists can provide advanced care that offers results.
  • Plantar warts. Caused by a viral infection, these skin growths can be particularly painful when they form on the bottoms of the feet. Professional care can help your child get rid of plantar warts faster.
  • Ingrown toenails. Though ingrown toenails aren't caused by an infection, infections can develop as the nail digs into the surrounding flesh, breaking the skin allowing bacteria to invade. Our podiatrists offer gentle care for pediatric ingrown toenails.
  • Sweaty, stinky feet. When bacteria or fungus grow in kids shoes or on their skin, odor and excessive sweating can result. We can recommend helpful solutions.

Gait Abnormalities

Gait issues, such as in-toeing (walking with the feet turned inward), out-toeing (walking with the feet turned inward), limping, and walking on tiptoes, are common among children. While these issues may correct themselves, a gait assessment may be necessary to determine if treatment is needed to avoid future mobility problems.

Congenital Deformities

  • Clubfoot. One of the most common types of birth deformities, clubfoot causes one or both feet to turn inward, often severely. We use the most effective treatment methods to correct this issue.
  • Flatfoot. Arches that look flat may not be cause for concern during the first few years of life. However, if the issue causes pain or defined arches haven't developed by the time your child heads to kindergarten, our podiatrists can determine a course of care.
  • Juvenile bunions. When the big toe joint moves out of alignment, causing the big toe to bend toward the other toes, a bony bump can form at the base of the joint. We offer advanced options to help manage or correct these deformities.

Treat Your Children's Feet to Excellent Care

Omaha Foot and Ankle Specialists' state-of-the-art podiatry practice utilizes the latest technology and techniques to deliver exceptional care for our pediatric patients. Complete our contact form or call us at 402-333-8856 to schedule your child an appointment with Dr. Cullen or Dr. Penney.