Podiatry pain can chip away at an active lifestyle, forcing you to do less and less. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best conservative care isn't enough to resolve a serious foot or ankle issue and get patients back on their feet. When you've tried non-surgical treatments, but are still struggling with pain or limited mobility, it may be time to consider a surgical solution. Though surgery isn't most patients' first choice, in some cases, it can provide the best chance for a full recovery. Fortunately, if you have a podiatric injury, deformity, or disorder that hasn't responded to conservative methods, you've come to just the right place to explore your surgical options.

Your Feet Are in Good Hands

Omaha Foot and Ankle Specialists provides highly-skilled surgical care for all manner of foot and ankle conditions, from surgery for ingrown toenails to total ankle replacements. As podiatric surgeons, we have more extensive training on surgical techniques and procedures for the feet and ankles than physicians of any other specialty, including orthopedic surgeons.

Our podiatrists, Dr. Michael Cullen and Dr. Nathan Penney, are sought-after leaders in the field of podiatric surgery, delivering high-level surgical care with an emphasis on trauma and reconstruction. We've provided medical or surgical care—or second options—to patients (including collegiate athletes) from more than a dozen other states.

We are committed to bettering our patients' lives by improving their podiatric health. We're here for your benefit and understand that the idea of surgery can sometimes be scary. If you're considering surgery, we'll have a lengthy discussion about your condition, your surgical options, what the recovery process looks like, and when you can expect to return to your favorite activities before any surgery is scheduled. We always make sure patients feel comfortable and confident in their treatment plans before moving forward. Are you determined to get back to the life and the activities you love? Here's how we can help.

We Offer Surgical Options for Wide-Ranging Podiatric Conditions

We strive to treat podiatric issues conservatively whenever possible. However, when those methods prove insufficient, surgery may provide better results. Here are just a few examples of the many foot and ankle injuries, deformities, and disorders that surgical procedures can capably treat or correct.


Whether caused by overuse or a traumatic event, like a car accident or a fall, some injuries to the feet and ankles may require surgery to ensure proper healing and avoid future damage or mobility issues. Depending on the severity, as well as factors such as your medical history and recovery goals, we may recommend a surgical approach to care for:

  • Severe foot or ankle sprains
  • Achilles tendon tears or rupture
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Fractured, broken, or crushed bones


Non-surgical care for podiatric deformities aims to make patients more comfortable by relieving pain and pressure, but while these methods may alleviate symptoms, they don't address the structural abnormalities themselves. When conservative treatments don't do enough to relieve pain or improve mobility, we can perform reconstructive surgical procedures to correct the deformity. We provide surgical options for foot and ankle deformities such as:

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Claw toes
  • Mallet toes
  • Haglund's deformity
  • Adult flatfoot

Other Issues

We also provide adept reconstruction of failed surgeries and can perform surgery to treat other painful problems affecting the feet and ankles, such as:

  • Heel spurs
  • Issues caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Severe neuromas
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Chronic ankle instability

Talk to Us About Your Podiatric Problems and Options for Surgery

Don't let misconceptions about surgery stand between you and the recovery you deserve. Omaha Foot and Ankle Specialists can provide the advanced surgical care, as well as the compassion, information, and support you need to get back on your feet. Complete our contact form or call our office at 402-333-8856 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cullen or Dr. Penney.